Thursday, May 5, 2011

Axiom Strategies Responds to 7NEWS Investigation...

A recent investigative story by 7NEWS called "Lawmakers Scrambling To Explain Meals With Lobbyist" sparked questions to the Gateway News Opinions Page regarding clarification of a $350.00 line item on an invoice by lobbyist Axiom Strategies to quasi-public Pinnacol Assurance. The $350.00 line item on Axiom's Invoice #5676 was described as "Mtg. with Rep. Casso re: Pinnacol legislation". The clarification was to determine if there was a violation to Colorado Amendment 41. The Gateway News then contacted Axiom Strategies for clarification. The following is the response by Micki Hackenberger of Axiom Strategies...
"After checking I can confirm that the invoice in question was submitted to Pinnacol and contained an expense request for $350.00 for a 3/5/10 dinner meeting which took place with a group of stakeholders and allies to discuss legislation impacting the workers compensation surveillance process. In addition to the Pinnacol lobbyist, Peggi O'Keefe, there were 4 stakeholders*, the expense represented expenses for their meal, beverage and gratuity. Rep. Ed Casso attended and covered his own expense.

I'm not surprised to hear Rep. Casso doesn't remember. The guerilla tactics used by Channel 7 claiming to be questions were more of a "jump out from behind the potted palm shouting, I have proof you violated Amendment 41" I believe Rep. Casso along with several other legislators were caught off guard by this attack style approach. Had the reported said something like "I'd like to ask you about a meeting which occurred over a year ago regarding Pinnacol legislation" he might have been more composed."
*stakeholder were the numerous companies that were Pinnacol policy holders sharing the position of Pinnacol on proposed legislation.

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