Sunday, July 17, 2011

Disney eBooks Now Available at Anythink

As part of their 24/7 Library offerings, Anythink now has Disney eBooks available for download. These classic Disney adventures come to life in a dynamic digital format that offers plenty of opportunities for learning and fun. Kids and Disney lovers alike can now interact with these popular stories in a colorful, interactive format.

The following features make it easy for kids to learn while watching classic Disney stories:

• Onscreen narration

• One-click word pronunciation

• Online dictionary

• Easy navigation and story pausing

• Trivia challenges

Disney eBooks are available through Anythink’s 24/7 Library page at the following address: An Anythink card and computer are required. For full system requirements, visit the following address:

Explore Anythink’s 24/7 Library for more online resources for learners and fun-seekers of all ages.

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