Monday, July 11, 2011

House GOP Blinded By The Light...

Perlmutter Asks GOP - “What is next, a return to leaded gasoline?”

Today, the House GOP majority again showed they have the wrong priorities to lead our country. Instead of acting to create jobs and strengthen our economy, House Republicans voted on a bill (H.R. 2417) to repeal bipartisan energy efficiency standards signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2007 that will save American families, small businesses and our country more than $12.5 billion per year in lower electricity costs -- including a 9% energy cost reduction for Coloradans and a $188 million savings for our state.

"For the 188 days they have been in charge of the House, they have not put forth a single jobs bill or plan to get people to work in this country," said Perlmutter. "This week is no different: Republicans are ignoring Americans’ top priority of jobs, turning off the lights on energy efficiency, and asking American consumers to foot the bill. What is next, a return to leaded gasoline?"

The new energy standards signed into law by Pres. Bush are already prompting manufacturers to build new U.S. plants and create new U.S. jobs making more energy-efficient lighting technologies.

"The best way to get our country back on sound financial footing is to get people back to work," said Perlmutter. "These are some of the kinds of new jobs we should foster, allowing Americans to put our hard-work, innovation and entrepreneurial values to work. The House GOP majority continues to play political games with programs even they support at the expense of our country's economic security and our energy independence."

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