Monday, August 1, 2011

Brighton City Employee Arrested for Theft of Cash

Clarence Puller
Last Friday afternoon, July 29th, after regular business hours, a City of Brighton employee reported she was the victim of a robbery at City Hall. The employee, Bernadette Haigh, reported cash and processed checks belonging to the City of Brighton, intended for bank deposit were taken.

The investigation by City of Brighton detectives determined the report was a hoax and Haigh took the deposits herself and gave them to an accomplice. At this time Brighton Police are searching for the accomplice, 48-year-old Clarence Puller (dob, March 3, 1964). Puller is on parole for drug related charges and currently has active warrants for his arrest. Anyone with information regarding Puller’s whereabouts is asked to call Detective Sergeant Frank Acosta at 303-655-2343 or 911.

Bernadette Haigh
Forty-one-year old Haigh, a city Utilities Department employee for seven years, is currently in the Adams County Detention Facility pending charges of Felony Theft, False Reporting and Conspiracy.

The City of Brighton is currently auditing receipts from the past week to insure all payments made to the city were properly credited to customers and residents.

If customers or residents have questions about a recent payment to the city they may call 303-655-2000.


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