Monday, August 1, 2011

Adams County Sheriff's Deputy David Morrow Fired...

Adams County Sheriff's Deputy David Morrow, 28 has been fired. Morrow was arrested and charged for assaulting a fifteen year-old that resulted breaking the juvenile's jaw.

Deputy Morrow responded to a call about a large disturbance at 8790 Welby Road in Adams County on June 12th. One juvenile was issued a summons and released to a responsible adult and another juvenile, who appeared highly intoxicated, was taken into custody and transported by ambulance to the hospital because parent information could not be obtained from the juvenile.

Due the juvenile’s verbally combative behavior, an ambulance crew member restrained the juvenile’s hands and feet for an assessment of injuries. No visible injuries were noted when the juvenile was placed in the ambulance.

Witnesses report that Morrow entered the ambulance to retrieve his handcuffs. Morrow was told he could exit though the back door, but insisted on exiting through the side door in front of the ambulance. As he passed the juvenile restrained on the ambulance gurney, Morrow struck the juvenile on the face with a closed fist. It was later determined by medical personnel that the juvenile sustained a broken jaw.

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