Thursday, August 4, 2011

Commerce City Council to Discuss Process of Citizen communications during City Council meetings

The Commerce City Council has raised the issue as to whether the agenda item "Citizen Communication" should be expanded to allow for discussion by City Council with a citizen on issues raised by a citizen during that part of a City Council meeting.

According to Commerce City, in the past, issues have arisen as to the length of City Council meetings. As a result, restrictions were placed on how Citizen Communications should be treated as part of the City Council meetings. Recently, some members of City Council have not been satisfied with the restrictions imposed regarding the "Citizen Communication" agenda item and have requested that the practice be reviewed and a policy adopted regarding citizen communications.

The issue will be discussed at the Monday, Aug. 8th meeting at Commerce City Civic Center.


  1. Keep it the way it is. You are only asking for trouble if you change it!
    Don't let Benson bully his way on this one!

  2. I say okay to change it as communication is a 2 way street. Council will just have to be disciplined enough to know when to shut up.

  3. No need to get in a fight with residents, when you are blind sided. I say don't play stump the chump. Keep it the way it is now.

  4. JL Commerce City and ActivistThursday, August 04, 2011

    Why not let the public talk then, respond back to them the next meeting? There easy solution.