Monday, August 1, 2011

Northern Range Commerce City Citizens - Get Ready to Celebrate!!!

By Kathy McIntyre, Editor

Before I say anything else, (drum roll please) King Soopers IS coming to the corner of 104th Avenue and Chambers Road in Commerce City. The first signs of construction started this week on the site and a store opening was confirmed today by King Soopers themselves. The King Soopers Marketplace, all 123,000 square feet of it, will open in the summer of 2012 and will be the fourth store this size in Colorado. Two are already open in Greeley and Ft. Collins, if you want to go see what your future store will look like. A third store will be opening in December of 2011.

Next week residents will see a sign confirming what we have all wished for the last eight years. And with patience comes great rewards. The King Soopers Marketplace, our store, is going to have all the regular departments that we all love at our current King Soopers stores, the deli, the pharmacy, the bakery, etc. But wait til you read this list. There will be a fuel center as well as, are you ready for this? A bed and bath shop, home furniture, home d├ęcor, Baby World, a Fred Meyer Jewelry, a coffee shop (yet to be named, and a bank. It will be about twice the size of the Brighton store, and sounds to me like a destination. King Soopers will be the anchor and there will be other stores on the property too.

As exciting as all this is, maybe even more important, the store will bring 250 careers to the northern range. King Soopers confirmed today that many people who are with King Soopers stay for decades and even their entire career. On top of this, the contractor, Mark Young Construction, and their subcontractors will be bringing anywhere from 300 to 500 jobs to the site during the construction over the next year. Their website is

So break out the champagne and keep your eyes on the site as you drive by every day as our King Soopers becomes real right before our eyes. Yes wishes do come true and all of us need to say a big THANK YOU to King Soopers and Shea Properties. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this vital new piece to shape our community into what we have always envisioned.

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