Monday, August 1, 2011

Schlumberger Request Gets 3 to 2 Vote from Commerce City Planning Commission

Schlumberger, a Commerce City business located at 9251 E. 104th Ave is proposing to use the northern undeveloped portion of the site for outdoor storage. The storage materials would include steel racks, equipment, storage containers and trailers. City Council will hear this issue at tonight's council meeting.

As part of the proposal, the area used for storage would be paved with recycled asphalt, screened with a 6 foot high simulated stone fence and a 20 foot landscaped buffer in compliance with Land Development Code requirements.

Schlumberger states that “the additional storage will enable us to operate in a more efficient manner by allowing equipment needed on a daily basis to be stored at the facility.“ In addition to the outdoor storage, the applicant is also proposing to utilize an existing paved area on the west side of the site for additional parking. This area will also be screened and landscaped.

Separate from this project, Commerce City has acquired additional right-of-way from this property for the 104th avenue expansion project. The roadway expansion will alter the access to the property from 104th avenue, restricting it to a right in, right out as well as reconfigure the parking area and landscaping adjacent to 104th avenue.

On July 5, 2011, the Commerce City Planning Commission held a public hearing, took testimony, and voted (3-2) to forward the request to City Council with a favorable recommendation, subject to the findings of fact.

The Commerce City Development Review Team gave careful consideration to how this proposal would impact the adjacent neighborhood of Belle Creek as well as the visual aesthetics of the outdoor storage in such a high profile city corridor. Schlumberger's proposal meets the City's landscape standards and exceeds the fencing requirements by using simulated stone fencing material instead of just cedar pickets. Ultimately, the DRT felt that Schlumberger's proposal did a good job of assuring that the storage would not be visible from the surrounding area as well as making significant improvements to the appearance of the 104th and Hwy 85 intersection. As a result, staff feels that this proposal will be harmonious with the surrounding area and meet the intent of the comprehensive plan. Due to the proximity to Belle Creek, Staff requested that Schlumberger conduct a neighborhood meeting. The neighborhood meeting occurred on May 12th. Three people attended and expressed no concerns over the proposal for outdoor storage.

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Neighbors Letter
Commerce City Planning Commission Minutes

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