Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brighton WARD 3 Incumbent out on the campaign trail

Rob Farina
City Councilman Rob Farina has been out walking this past week. After the ribbon cutting for the Ken Mitchell Fishing pier, which he had a vital role getting accomplished was out walking the Ward. "It was good getting out there talking to the citizens and listening to them". The majority of the people Rob spoke with are happy with how the City has been operating. Some citizens did have concerns of spending, but once explained they understood why and were happy with the answers. Rob still has a lot of ground to cover, but he will be out there every weekend walking.

Councilman Farina is running on his last four years in office and what he has accomplished in that time. He brings experience and knowledge that you can only get by serving. It takes time to learn everything about the City, he says. That is why he believes that Ward 3 needs experienced Council members to serve the community.

He is very proud of getting project done in his Ward. When He ran his first term he did listen to the citizens who voiced their concerns. The number one project the citizens wanted to see was the completion of the fishing pier. Now you can take your family out there and enjoy the park and fishing pier. Another smaller accomplishment was getting side walks on Kuner Rd. One part has been completed.

The second piece is currently in construction. So you can see that Councilman Farina not only listens, but by his record he makes sure that projects get done in Ward 3.

When asked why do you care about the Ward and City so much? He said because he wants to see Brighton be the best that it can be now and in the future so his Wife and Son can enjoy the city and its amenities.

Rob is asking for your vote to continue the work that he has started to make Brighton even better.

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