Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brighton City Council adopts 2012 budget

After several months of preparation and review, the Brighton City Council adopted the 2012 budget at the Nov. 1 City Council meeting, approving $52,787,202 in operating, capital and utility (water and sewer) funds.

The 2012 budget, which runs from January to December 2012, focuses on sustainability from an economic perspective as well as an environmental perspective.

“Emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the 2012 budget will strengthen the City’s ability to focus on maintaining essential services during good economic times and when turbulent economic times occur,” City Manager Manuel Esquibel said. “In addition, as we look at our services and future projects, it is important that we focus on ways that we can take a “green” approach and better serve our environment.”

The City projects revenues for the overall 2012 general fund to increase by 3.5 percent over the 2011 estimated revised budget. The small increase allows for the City to maintain essential services to the community.

“Despite a slight increase in revenues, it is still a tight economic time and the City Council and City’s management team worked hard to put together a lean budget while ensuring the integrity of City services and positioning the City to be prepared for new developments and opportunities,” City Manager Esquibel said.

The City Council was able to balance the 2012 budget without any tax increases or utilizing any City reserves to offset costs, thus maintaining the required City reserve fund of 28 percent. The City Council also approved a 6.65 mill levy, which has been in place for more than 10 years, and will produce 2012 revenues of $1,738,508.

The 2012 budget will be posted on Brighton’s website next week. Please visit

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