Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Udall’s Statement on New State Rule Requiring Transparency and Disclosure in Chemicals used in Frack Fluids

Mark Udall made the following statement after the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission today adopted a rule requiring oil and gas drillers to disclose all the chemicals used in hydraulic fracking:

"These new rules are a strong step forward for Colorado and our local communities. It's vital that the industry does everything possible to show the public in a transparent way that hydraulic fracking is being done in a safe manner. It's also important that the state continues to provide strong oversight and require a transparent process. I've always said that one well contaminated or one person made sick is one too many.

"Fracking is a common technology that has been used for over a decade and, when done correctly, it can be effective in helping to produce the energy we need, while creating jobs and lifting Colorado 's economy. But it has to be done without damaging our public health or environment. Requiring oil and gas drillers to disclose all the chemicals used in fracking fluids will help to assure Coloradans that the state is providing the oversight and the transparency needed to protect their health and their communities."

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