Friday, January 27, 2012

Multi-jurisdictional Drug Raids Report...

17th Judicial District Attorney Don Quick and the North Metro Drug Task Force release the following information regarding yesterday morning’s multi-jurisdictional drug raids:

• Law Enforcement Officials raided 25 grow houses: 15 houses in Adams County, (four in Brighton, one in Commerce City, one in Northglenn, one in Strasburg, four in Thornton, one in Westminster, three in Unincorporated Adams County) three in Broomfield, four in Denver, one in Fredrick, one in Erie, and one in Breckenridge.
o Seven children were in the homes during the raids,
o Significant mold was found in some of the homes posing health and environmental risk.

• Items seized:
o 40 guns
o 2,749 marijuana plants
o 147.55 pounds of dry marijuana
o Over $278,500 in US currency
o 15 million in Iraq Dinar currency

• 16 arrest warrants were issued
o A total of 69 criminal charges are contained in the 16 arrest warrants. Charges include; Racketeering and Conspiracy under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (“COCCA”), Distribution of Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana and Money Laundering.

Only one of the grows houses produced two medical marijuana licenses for two individuals and they had 25 plants. There were no arrests or seizures regarding that particular house. Evidence gathered during the investigation of the remaining 24 houses demonstrates that this was a criminal enterprise with a large part of the marijuana distribution of going out of state via the US Postal Service. States involved include: California, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas.

From the 16 warrants issued, 13 have been arrested. The defendants have court appearances set on various dates in February in Division T.

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