Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bi-Partisan Panel Rejects Misguided Attempt to Rollback State's Landmark Clean Air, Clean Jobs Effort

Denver, CO. --- By an overwhelming vote of 9-4, the House Transportation Committee today firmly rejected HB-1102, a proposal geared towards halting progress on Colorado's Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act by tying the hands of state utility regulators to approve the transition to cleaner energy.

"Opponents of clean air and a stronger economy pushed yet another misguided attempt to derail our state's effort to transition our oldest, dirtiest power plants to cleaner-burning resources-- and for the second-year running fell completely flat," said Pete Maysmith, executive director of Colorado Conservation Voters.

"The Clean Air, Clean Jobs has enjoyed bi-partisan support from a diverse set of interest groups across the state, and today's vote was a resounding affirmation of our state's efforts to dramatically improve our air quality and public health."

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