Monday, March 15, 2010

Adams County Community Development Accepting Applications for the Community Services Advisory Board

Adams County Community Development is currently accepting applications for the federally mandated Community Services Advisory Board (CSAB). The purpose of the CSAB is to recommend Community Services Block Grant recipients to the Board of County Commissioners and to serve as liaison to the community on issues related to human services.

CSAB members are expected to participate and represent the needs of local community members to ensure local needs are considered throughout each annual Community Services Block Grant funding allocation process. They must attend an initial training session to learn about the grant process as well as additional training sessions as needed to learn more about human services issues. Members must attend two regular meetings and one annual meeting per year (the two regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of August and September from 9 to 11 a.m. and annual meetings are on the second Tuesday of March from 9 to 11 a.m.), as well as additional meetings during the grant selection process to review applications for federal funds and recommend funding recipients to county commissioners. Board member terms are for three years, with a two-term limit.

CSAB members must represent one of the following community groups: the private sector (business or industry), the public sector (elected officials or government) or the low-income community sector (private citizen or human services provider).

Historically, funds administered by Community Development have been used to support programs or services that are offered through homeless facilities, food banks, shelters, senior services, nutrition programs, health programs, housing programs and transportation programs.

Please contact Adams County Community Development at 303.453.8500 or visit the county’s website at for an application to serve on the Community Services Advisory Board or for additional information.

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