Tuesday, May 11, 2010


On April 29, 2010, the Adams Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a theft in the 1700 block of Wagner Street in Strasburg, Colorado. The 92-year-old resident stated a man and woman had stolen items from his residence.

The victim stated the suspects knocked at the back door when the victim opened the door the male and female suspects came into the residence, hugged him, and began saying they had not seen him in a long time. A short time after entering the residence, the male suspect told the victim he needed to use the restroom and was directed to the bathroom. The suspect went in the direction of the bathroom. When the male suspect returned a short time later, he came back in the residence through the back door. The male then stated he had a medical condition and needed to use the restroom again and left the room. The victim then saw the male suspect sitting in a truck, honking the horn, and yelling to the female that they needed to leave. The suspects then left in a blue pickup truck. The male is described as a Hispanic male in his 20’s, 5’6” tall, with a slim build, wearing a jacket, blue jeans and a baseball cap. The female is described as white, 5’2” tall, heavyset, medium-brown hair, and wearing a jacket and blue jeans.

The victim then went into his bedroom and found drawers missing from the dresser. The victim then checked the rest of the house and found several drawers open in other rooms. The victim found old coins, currency, and jewelry had been stolen.

A short time later, a male and female matching the descriptions provided by the victim, entered a gas station in the Strasburg area, and spent some of the old coins that are believed to have been stolen from the victim. The surveillance video from the store provided photographs of the male, female, and the associated truck.

Thefts with similar suspect descriptions and modus operandi have been reported in Lakewood, Arvada, Aurora, Limon, Denver, and Jefferson County.

Anyone with any information about the suspects or the vehicle are asked to call the Adams County Sheriff’s Office at (720)322-1313.

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