Friday, August 13, 2010

27J statement of 2010 CSAP results

CDE released the results of the 2010 CSAP results at a press conference on Tuesday. The CSAP, short for Colorado Student Assessment Program, is administered to students in grades 3 through 12 in reading, writing, and math, and in science for students in grades 5, 8, and 12.

“The CSAP scores are extremely important to us” said Isobel Stevenson, 27J Chief Academic Officer, “because they are most critical measure of how well our students are doing before they graduate from our schools.”

27J’s scores in reading were a little lower than last year’s, math’s a little higher, and writing scores remained largely unchanged. “Please remember,” commented Stevenson, “last year’s scores were, on the whole, the highest ever posted in 27J, so we are not at all discouraged by this year’s results. They still represent the second highest scores in the district in the last five years.”
This year’s scores include some notable successes. Included in these is the percentage of students at North Elementary scoring proficient and advanced in reading, writing and math. North has struggled in previous years to match the standard set by other elementaries in the district, but closed that gap substantially this year. Vikan Middle School also made substantial gains.

Also of note is the upward trend in reading scores at the middle level. In the past, while students at 3rd grade scored at a comparable level with their peers in other districts, by middle school a gap had appeared between 27J’s 3rd grade reading scores and the state average. That gap has narrowed substantially, and the class of 2014, which enters 9th grade this fall, has the strongest reading scores of any class beginning high school in 27J.

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