Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello to All

I got my ballot in the mail today and decided that people need to stop and consider some things before they vote. I did not use my title with the Maes campaign because these thoughts have nothing to do my title or what position I hold within the Maes campaign, I wrote these words as nothing more than a very concerned voter.

I thought that this fight was supposed to be about standing up to a government who thinks they know better than WE THE PEOPLE. Didn't we start this revolution to tell the government to stay out of our lives? Tom Tancredo has already said that he knows better than we do. He told us that we made a mistake by voting for Dan Maes and that he would step in and save us. Obama was going to save us too. Tom Tancredo has already made it perfectly clear that he has no intention of listening to the people. Do you really feel comfortable having a Governor that thinks he knows better than you? Tom Tancredo says his record speaks for itself. His record says that he voted for TARP. His record says that he broke his term limit promise. Yeah, his record does speak for itself. Do you really feel comfortable having a Governor that has an extensive track record of lying to the people? Do you really feel comfortable having a Governor who stands up and criticizes the democrats for running this Country into the ground when he was part of the crew digging the hole that America will be buried in? This revolution was supposed to be about finding people of principle to hold our offices, instead it has turned into just more of the same. How does that happen?? And if I hear one more person say that Dan Maes should drop out of this race, I'll scream. For the last time, Dan Maes is the only conservative candidate who was nominated by WE THE PEOPLE and that should be reason enough for Maes to not drop out. We have a process in America. A process that I, like so many others, hold sacred. It is this process that has made America the greatest Country on earth. Tom Tancredo doesn't even care enough about our State or Country to abide by this process, so why would you think he cares enough to do what is right and what is needed??

Sara Colburn

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