Saturday, October 23, 2010

Results Speak Volumes

We have all experienced difficult times with our economy. Many of us had to re-evaluate our current budgets or must now work more years before considering retiring. The last few years have been painful for many of us. We all know that times have changed. We need individuals in elected positions that have shown their wear withal and proven abilities. Doug Darr is that person. When he was first elected he set out to reduce crime which is now down 42% in unincorporated Adams County. His office has worked to clean up and make arrests for graffiti in the neighborhoods. His office has protected our children by running internet stings and implemented a county wide school safety program. He worked with seniors to protect them from con artist. Sheriff Darr has directed his Community Resource Team to engage the public to hear their concerns and feedback. As of today, there are 48 community groups throughout the county that are actively meeting with the Sheriff’s Office and are fully engaged. All completed while Sheriff Darr’s budget was reduced due to the economy. Some of the choices the sheriff has had to make due to this reduction have lead some in the office to attack him reguarding pay raises and overtime pay. Not an easy choice for someone who holds their staff in the highest regard. It is easy to make promises to gain the support of others when the facts are they will never be fulfilled unless our economy changes. Times have changed and a sheriff now has to be a business man as well as a law man. We expect our Sheriff to be a true leader in both what he says and his actions at all times.

Re-Elect Doug Darr – proven leadership during tough times

Terry Melonakis
(303) 853-0728

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