Tuesday, November 16, 2010

27J School District Dr. Blunck Announces Intent to Retire

At the regular meeting of the Board of Education on November 16, 2010, Superintendent Dr. Rod L. Blunck announced his intent to retire at the end of his current contract. Dr. Blunck will continue in his duties as Superintendent of Schools through June 30, 2012.

In his remarks, Dr. Blunck shared with the Board of Education, “I’ve always believed carefully planned change is a good thing. Consequently, I’m going to be making a change, as will School District 27J. I want to inform you of my intent not to seek a contract extension but to retire from my post as Superintendent of School District 27J at the end of my current contract on June 30, 2012. After almost three decades of service I am going retire from K-12 education. During this 18-month time period I will continue to be devoted to my duties as Superintendent of Schools, and this timing will also allow the Board of Education an appropriate amount of time to solicit, seek and secure a new Superintendent.”

Dr. Blunck went on to say, “I cannot say enough wonderful things about the School District 27J community, or about all the outstanding people I’ve encountered in my years of service with 27J. I don't believe that our positive achievements of increased student achievement, increased graduation rates and fiscal security have been accidental, but rather a result of quality people working together to achieve the Board's End. Working in 27J the past several years has been an honor, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to continuing in my responsibilities for the next 18 months. President Teddy Roosevelt once said, “It is a lucky man who has a tough job to do worth doing.” I have been so blessed, and I have enjoyed the chance to serve with all of you.”

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